The Netherlands has been the cheese country with many cheese traditions for centuries. As leading Dutch cheese expert, we have grown up with a lot of those traditions. With our many years’ experience, we as the Dutch cheese expert offer you a broad range of cheese and cheese knowledge.

Dutch passion for cheese

Zijerveld has been a Dutch trading company of old and was formed by the Zijerveld family. Passion for cheese is our drive. This means we know everything about Dutch cheese, but also about foreign cheese. Our mission is to let the world benefit from our cheese and cheese expertise. That is why we export from the Netherlands the highest-quality Dutch cheese and cheese expertise to every place on earth.

Innovative added value

Zijerveld is an innovator in the Dutch cheese market. Our customer focus and strong relationships make the difference. We distinguish ourselves in the European market with a broad range of top-quality cheese and a vision of the category. But we also create added value outside Europe by sharing our passion, experience and cheese knowledge with customers.


The Zijerveld culture can best be described as customer and market-oriented. Zijerveld has more than 450 employees. Would you like to know more about us? Please contact us.

We are pleased to help you out in the world of cheese

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