Love of cheese deserves Arina

Arina is a Dutch goats’ cheese with a unique character: semi-firm and silky smooth. The full flavour, natural maturation and wide choice of flavour variations make Arina a goats’ cheese everyone can enjoy. Arina is much sought-after thanks to its unrivalled versatility.

Protected Designation of Origin

In 2015, the European Commission awarded Dutch goat’s cheese with a Protected Designation Of Origin (BGA). The reward for many years’ working on an centuries-old production process into a cheese with an unprecedented mild character. Dutch goat’s cheese with the GBA seal is made of Dutch goat’s milk from Dutch goat farms. This cheese is produced according to a Dutch recipe and ripened in the Netherlands.




Young 4.5kg

Young Matured 4.5kg

Matured 4.5/10 kg

Old 4.5kg

Light 4.5kg

Spread 125g

Herbs 4.5kg

Italian Herbs 4.5kg

Olive Tomato 4.5kg

Coriander Fenugreek 4.5kg

Potato 4.5kg

Nettle 4.5kg

Sweet Clover 4.5kg

Pepper Garlic 4.5kg

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