Noord-Hollandse Gouda

The meadow milk from our Noord Holland cows provides an ideal basis for our smooth and rich Noord-Holland Gouda cheese. A traditional Noord-Holland recipe, expert preparation, and of course, a natural aging process, ensure a Gouda cheese of the highest quality.

Noord-Hollands Gouda cheese is a protected regional product and can be recognized by its Red Seal. This guarantees and protects the unique character of this regional product. It is the biggest compliment a regional product can receive.

A unique and creamy Gouda cheese

A delicious creamy Gouda cheese based on 100% meadow milk, passionately created by Noord-Holland cheesemakers. A traditional Noord-Holland recipe, expert preparation and natural aging, ensure a Gouda cheese of the highest quality. Its full and creamy flavour is so special that it is recognized as a protected regional product.


Noord-Hollandse Gouda 48+ Cured

Noord-Hollandse Gouda 48+ Extra Cured

Noord-Hollandse Gouda 48+ Creamy Soft

Noord-Hollandse Gouda 48+ Semi-Cured

Noord-Hollandse Gouda 48+ Aged

Noord-Hollandse Gouda 48+ Overaged Traditional

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